Our Formula

Our objective for 'League of Pets' is to create the ultimate Play to Earn game that is sustainable, fun and lucrative for our users. Many previous projects have attempted and failed. However, we believe with our mechanisms we have found the solution to the industries problems.

What are the industries critical issues?

The Play to Earn space has been riddled with a number of problems since the the concept was birthed. Often, projects would over extend their ROI capacity initially to entice new players. This would drain their rewards pool leaving the game wholly unsustainable. Another issue is that players would withdraw rewards in bulk without contributing back into the economy of the game, which can essentially destroy the tokens value. It leaves the whole project over reliant on new investors and users. At the other end of the spectrum, whales can also have an over bearing effect by eating up all the rewards, leaving little behind for the everyday user. These are the main issues that we have found a solution for.

Our formula

We have formulated the ultimate solution to all these critical issues that engulf the industry. The conception was created through consultation with mathematicians and leaning on our vast experience in this field. The sole objective is to achieve true longevity, whilst allowing our games macro economy to flourish. Our system brings true balance that is needed to allow these two key factors to co-exist. That is is why we have dubbed it the 'Value Equilibrium System' or 'VES' for short.
What is the 'Value Equilibrium System'?
Essentially it is a proactive system to protect the value of the games macro economy and retain game reward value. It's principals are fluid and adapt to the economy's needs. There must be a balance struck between investors and gamers to benefit all participants in the project and 'VES' achieves this for us.
What are 'VES' key features?
  • Responsive taxation
In game taxes will fluctuate in relation to the health of the games economy. For example when the it is healthy, taxes will be lowered allowing players to capitalize. However if it languishes, taxes will be adjusted to help support it through various means. E.g buy backs, marketing to attract new gamers etc.
  • Transparency
All 'VES' adjustments will be announced prior. There will never be an adjustment without consultation & announcement with the community 24 hours before it occurs.
  • User Game reward value protection
All game rewards will retain its value in USD. Here is an example of how it works:
User A earns 100 tokens worth $100 and remains un-claimed.
Value of token drops to $80.
When they claim they will receive 120 tokens.
The value of their rewards will ALWAYS stay the same.
  • Key targeted Taxes & discounts
We have implemented a rewards claim tax in order to encourage players to not dump their rewards instantly. Claim tax will start at 30% and everyday it is reduced 1% until it is 0 after 30 days. In conjunction with the value protection protocols this tax not only benefits the player if they hold, but the value of their rewards will never diminish.
Another incentive for users is if they re-use their rewards to purchase more hero packs they will be entitled to a 10% discount. This encourages players to keep the tokens in the economy and rewarding the ones who take up the option.
More incentives will be introduced as the seasons progress.
  • NFT mints using both tokens and BUSD
To mint our NFT'S the user will need $GLORY tokens and also BUSD. 90% of the cost will be in $GLORY and the remaining 10% in BUSD. This is so NFT revenue can be a source of income for our game. The BUSD will go towards our development fund to maintain token price and contribute to marketing, whilst the remaining $GLORY tokens will go towards the game rewards pool, thus creating a perpetual replenishment source for both.