Our team is one that has a plethora of experience under our belt, ranging from the crypto space, Sony Playstation to owning Digital marketing agencies. We have the necessary qualities to take League of Pets to a level that has never been accomplished before by a 'Play to Earn' game. Our unique understanding of the industry we're in, will ensure we achieve all of our objectives.
Here is our team and their roles with our playful 'hero' names:
Asad – CEO Assembler of heroes
Rupert – CMO Marketing whiz
Mahad – CSO Conceptualizer
Jules – COO Guiding light
Ameen – Marketing Director – Content Originator
Ridwan – Communications Director – Media Maestro
Kawsar – CFO – The Numbers man
XA – Head Developer – The Coder
Rokr – Head of Gaming – The Builder
Bilal – Head of Design – Canvas murderer
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