'Build a Battle' Gameplay System

Our dynamic gameplay system consists of a few different aspects that effect the users result. The onus is on the gamer to improve their odds by pairing the different characteristics against each other. However, the harder your battle, the more $GLORY you earn.


Star ratings apply to both your playable heroes and the villains. The probability of the battles outcome is directly effected by the ratings of your hero and villain. The higher the villains rating is the more difficult they are to defeat and the higher your heroes rating is raises the probability of you winning. Here's an example of how it works:
A 5
rated hero against a 1
villain the probability is highly in the favor of the player.
A 5
rated villain against a 1
hero, the probability is highly in the favor of the villain.


There are three different types: Red, Blue and Green.
All heroes can be under each of the types, whilst the first 5 villains of each season will also be under the same types. Each type can either have debilitating effect or a positive one on the outcome of the battle. Here is how each type can effect each other:
Red > Green
Green > Blue
Blue > Red


Powerups are available for players to aid them in their quest for $GLORY. They will be boosts for the our gamers to improve their chances of winning and also their ability to play more often. The variety of powerups will incrementally grow as the seasons progress. The first two powerups that will be introduced are:
Removes cool down period for your NFT, allowing immediate re-use. There are 5 potions in each purchase.
Power boost giving your character a higher probability of winning their battle. Boost range between 2.5%-10%. The harder the battle, the greater the boost. There are 5 potions in each purchase.
These powerup potions can only be purchased with REFERRAL REWARDS.

Build a Battle

All the previous characteristics are all part of the 'Build a Battle' system. The player builds their battle scenario via selecting their hero, villain and arena. You can choose whether to raise the probability of winning your duel or to lower it to truly test your heroes abilities! The challenge for the player is to achieve a balance of the different factors. Remember heroes, the easier the battle, the less $GLORY you will earn, and the harder you make the battle for yourself, the more $GLORY you will be rewarded with, so choose your battles wisely heroes! Glory is earnt, it's not given!