Basic Game mechanism

Our game mechanism entails 3 simple steps:
Step 1
Purchase a playable NFT character from our various packs.
In order to play the game you will need one of our playable characters. To obtain them you must purchase one of our NFT packs. There are 3 different type of packs; Normal, Legendary and Epic. Each pack varies in price but boosts your chances of pulling a higher rated hero. All packs are exclusively available on our marketplace :
Step 2
Enter our DAPP and battle with your heroes!
Once you have entered our DAPP with your playable heroes, choose which villain you want to fight from the 5 available. The difficulty of your battle will be determined by a variety of different factors: hero and villain, opponents star rating and your characters star rating, so choose wisely heroes!
Step 3
Watch your battle commence and collect your rewards!
Once you have selected your opponent you will witness your epic battle commence! If you defeat your enemy only then will you earn your $GLORY. The $GLORY you earn is determined by the difficulty of your opponent you choose. The harder they are to defeat the more $GLORY you earn!