LOP Objectives

Here at 'League of Pets', we are an extraordinarily ambitious team. We believe in our mantra of creating something that is game changing. Our unique 'Build a Battle' system and 'VES' solution puts us above and beyond any other Play to Earn game in the industry. However, we will not stop there, our goal is to become the biggest and best 'Play to Earn' game in the space.

Creating the best P2E gaming environment

We want to create the best 'Play to Earn' environment. This includes making the game as fun and lucrative for our users impossible. We will continue to entice gamers to play our game by constantly evolving through updated gameplay features, new seasons and many more outlets. Our 'VES' system allows us to uphold a balance between staying sustainable and profitable for our users. However, we understand the life blood of the environment will be the community. Our aim will always be to keep the community engaged and reward our loyal supporters through various avenues such as giveaways, competitions and much more.

Consistent evolution

Through our experience in the industry, we understand that keeping your audience engaged with the game is of vital importance. That's why we will continuously evolve our gameplay and NFT's. Our aim is to eventually have the game playable with 3-D graphics and many more gameplay controls. We will also have the release of different seasons, where we release more playable characters, villains and new powerups. This will tie into the story of the game as time progresses.

Conquering the Mobile gaming industry

Mobile gaming is now officially the biggest and fastest growing gaming industry in the world. According to Statista mobile gaming makes up 57% of total gaming revenue which highlights the market potential globally. However, what makes this the most desirable target market, is the how it synergizes with the 'Play to Earn' space. Just like P2E, the fastest growing regional market is the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region. We will make our game easily accessible for the people who are adopting our industry at the fastest rate, so we grow simultaneously with the industry.