Name: Thorax
Bio: Specimen 3274 was, in many ways, utterly unremarkable, save for the fact that he had been captured by a particular pharmaceutical company that had been plagued with a recent bout of escaped test subjects. This time, they believed themselves to have the perfect solution: Testing on creatures too small to break through concrete. This, though, proved to be a mistake, when one of the scientists accidentally left the lid of Specimen 3274’s tank open just a crack. It quickly raced free, where, upon stumbling into a group of school children visiting the lad, rather accidentally bit the aptly-named Tony Webster on the foot. Tony, being an unexcitable sort of kid, didn’t squash the spider, and instead took it home for study. He was able to understand many of his own powers by watching the powers of Specimen 3274, who he soon named Thorax, after the brilliant colors displayed by the spider on that part of his body.
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