Name: Sunbeam
Bio: Sunbeam started off life as a simple squirrel, living in a city park where he did his best to collect acorns and hide them from both other squirrels and park quests alike. Suddenly, though, two dueling wizards came crashing through the park, and a wide array of multiple dimensions were shown to him. One of them caught his eye: An immense world covered in acorn trees. Filled with wonder, he threw himself into the void… However, as he was quite inexperienced in multi-dimensional travel, he found himself cast out on an alien world instead. There, he was rescued by a human visiting that world, named Prism, who carried the mark of a powerful and venerable force of protectors. Prism was unable to take Sunbeam back to Earth, and instead too him with him to his headquarters, where soon, he, too, was granted the same powers in order to return to Earth. Instead of going straight back, though, he decided to stick by the side of his rescuer… At least for awhile.
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