How to Play

Step 1: Enter our DAPP
You will then see the home page of the DAPP.
Press the RED button labelled 'PLAY GAME'.
You will then see this page.
Step 2: Select your hero & villain
Your roster of heroes will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen. Their tier and color will be displayed. Above your hero is a tab to sort through your cards easier, based on their color or use the 'search' bar and type in the heroes name you are looking for. This is also applicable to the villains.
Once you have selected your hero & villain, click the RED button located at the center bottom of the screen labelled 'SELECT ARENA'.
You will then see this page.
Step 3: Select your arena
Select an arena you want your battle to take place in via the bottom tab. Once you have selected the arena of your choice. Click the RED button on the bottom right hand side labelled 'START FIGHT' to begin your battle for $GLORY.
You will be asked to approve the transaction by your wallet provider. Once you have approved the transaction your battle will commence.
Step 4: Battle result
Once your battle has finished you will be shown the result.
If you are victorious in your battle your winnings will be displayed to you in Dollar value in the 'prize won' tab.
However, if you are defeated you will simply shown the same window with the 'defeat' result shown.